What To Bring to Class


A change of footwear.  Outdoor footwear is not allowed in our training area.

A 6 foot nylon leash.  No chain leashes or flexis, please.

A collar.  Plain buckle or martingale is fine.  Make sure it fits well so your dog isn’t able to slip out.  No choke chains, prong/pinch collars, or electric collars please.

Rewards.  Food the most important reward in training.  Please bring a lot, as your dog is new to learning and will be distracted.  Have your food precut into pea sized pieces.  Soft treats are best, as they can be swallowed quickly without much chewing.  While it might be tempting to bring your dog’s kibble, this likely won’t be tempting enough for a distracted dog.  Some examples of better rewards are: freeze dried liver, leftovers (chicken, beef or pork roast), wieners, lunch meat, cheese, food rolls (such as Rollover or Natural Balance).  You can also find commercial treats, but be sure they’re fairly healthy.  Later, when your dog is more experienced, you can use their meals for training.

A clicker.  They are available for sale at Dog Nerd.

Poop bags.  Please clean up after your dog.

If you have questions about what to bring to classes, please Contact Us ..