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Puppy Pre School


Getting a new puppy is a wonderful, but exhausting experience.  Sleepless nights, cleaning up accidents, dealing with chewing, nipping …Ugh!  Who has the time or energy for training? Let our professional trainer make it easier!  Your puppy will spend two days a week with us, being socialized, trained and exercised.  They’ll come home tired, and more importantly, TRAINED!


What will my puppy learn?


For puppies under 6 months

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The Basics and Beyond


Do you want a dog you can take anywhere?  A dog who greets people politely, without jumping?  A dog who walks nicely on leash? Knows how to relax at home?  Let us do the work for you!  Bring your dog two days a week for physical fitness and conditioning, basic manners and obedience.

Your dog will come home physically tired, mentally satisfied, and TRAINED! 


What will my dog learn?


For dogs over 5 months

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To kickstart your dog’s training, CONTACT US to book a complimentary meet and greet, where we will meet your dog, discuss your goals and any problem behaviours, and create the best training plan to meet your family’s needs. 


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